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Greetings Patriots!

Our next 2nd Saturday Meeting will be March 14th. We ran out of time to hold elections for officers at the February Meeting so pushed it to the March Meeting.

Diane Long from the Louisiana Power Coalition is scheduled to come by to give us a brief update on their work in Baton Rouge.

JW Bryan will give us an update on the status of various corporate initiatives such as the Trans Pacific Partnership. For the internet angle on the TPP check out this link: TPP drops the hammer on the internet.

Please show up if you want to be considered for an office or vote.

Stop the Burn

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All Residents of Louisiana, especially North East Louisiana should be aware that a toxic burn of M6 munitions propellant is planned by the EPA at Camp Minden. The ground water has already been contaminated manufacturing this stuff and now it seems they are going for a twofer by releasing these toxins into the air through an “open burn”. Some of the chemicals released by this form of disposal are known to cause cancer and endocrine disturbances effecting child development. This is the largest burn of this type ever attempted in the US, over 16 million pounds of the stuff.

If you’d like to get involved you can go to the website set up to organize opposition at: Stop the Burn

Here you can find phone numbers to call, petitions to sign and more information about the background and dangers of this “open burn”.

Or if you prefer Facebook you can go here: Stop the Burn Facebook Page

Here is a recent letter from the Louisiana National Guard about the situation and a remedy they are pursuing: Stop the Burn Louisiana National Guard Letter

Here is a an article about recent developments  describing how the Region 6 EPA out of Dallas came to the table with Dialogue Committee on the Camp Minden Crisis, LDEQ, and Louisiana National Guard on Feb 12th: Discussion Begins to Safely Remove Chemicals. The Army was a no-show.

There is a meeting on this issue at the Minden Civic Center Monday February 23rd at 7PM.

Here are a few phone numbers if you would like to start calling RIGHT NOW:

Environmental Protection Agency, (202) 272-0167
Sen. Vitter, (202) 224-4623 OR (318) 861-0437
Sen. Cassidy, (202) 224-5824
Rep. Fleming, (202) 225-2777 OR (318) 778-2254
Rep. Abraham, (202) 225-8490
Pres. Obama, (202)456-1111
Gov. Jindal, (225) 342-7015

You can look up contact info for your representative in the Louisiana State Legislature here:
Louisiana State Senator
Louisiana State Representative

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