10:12 pm in announcements by Henry G Hollenberg

Happy New Years! Our next meeting will be January the 11th at the Knights of Columbus Hall in West Monroe at 10AM. We will finish screening the video on Illegal Immigration and discuss afterwards. Look forward to seeing you there!

Rob Maness came by for a visit and worked through quite a few questions from the NELTP members in attendance:

His endorsement by the Madison Project was covered at the Madison Project Candidate Page.

Rob also pointed out that he was supported by the Senate Conservatives fund. He discussed the cuts necessary to achieve a balanced budget and the urgent need for a completed and full audit of the Federal Reserve. He discussed the need for a serious review of the implementation of our national currency as an instrument of debt issued by a handful of powerful men rather than an unencumbered asset such as gold or silver. He also discussed removing the indefinite detention provision from the NDAA. Repeal of ObamaCare and affirmation of the 2nd Amendment were also discussed.

All in all a very interesting and informative candidates Town Hall. We have already had a chance to discuss the issues with Bill Cassidy and of course extend an open invitation to Mary Landrieu for a candidates Town Hall as well.