October Rally

9:54 pm in announcements by Henry G Hollenberg

The next NELTP Rally was held October 22, 2011 at 10am at the Knights of Columbus, 206 Woodrow St., West Monroe. Mike Church had to cancel, so we are moving to Plan-B. Since this will be our last meeting this year our President Don Antley would like to use this meeting as an opportunity to brain-storm for next years events. So we will start with a short meeting then break for a lunch catered by Thurman’s Food Factory. Lunch will be $5.50 a plate. This would be a nice event to treat a friend to lunch! Look forward to seeing you there.

Don started the meeting and discussed:

Robocalls by the Tea Party. This system uses a list of the members with phone numbers to call.

PostCard notification was discussed by Nell Bradley and was found to be expensive. Skip Casey was going to look into MRS Printing.

Don said rallies need to focus on motivational speakers. But there are usually speaker’s fees. Consider Professors at our local university.

Neighborhood walk around raising money for a charity, and passing out constitutions might be a good project for next year.  Salvation Army was mentioned.

Voter registration drives were mentioned by Nell Bradley.

About half the members did receive the last meeting notification by email. About half did not and those emails probably went to their SPAM folder. If members add “North East Lousiana Tea Party” to there list of email CONTACTS that should allow future.

NELTP BOOTH at Local Events and Conventions.

Ruth Berlin discussed Heritage Foundation. They have an analysis of our representatives voting records called the “SCORE CARD”.  If you’d like to go to check them out further it’s “heritageaction.com”

Ron Paul rally at the Waterfront Grill today at 2:00pm was announced.

Wayne Trichell discussed the current irrelevance of the Democrat and Republican parties as well as the debauching of our currency.

Writing letters to the editors was discussed by Robert Havard.

Re-visiting our mission statement was discussed by Joe Street.

Increasing participation by the black community in the Tea Party was discussed by Bonnie Brown.

Need for education of Democracy vs. Republic were discussed.  Original Tea Party was about “Taxation without representation” now it’s “Representation without taxation” talked about.

Roy Thompson: The sheriffs role in protecting the local community from illegal federal actions was discussed. OathKeepers group was also discussed. Jury Training groups were all discussed.

Glen Davis talked about the flat tax.

Ty Holloway talked about educating people about the NELTP in the work place.

Mission Statement committee:

Glen Davis, Patrice Lewis, Kathy Morrison, Barbara Westbrook, Nell Bradley

“Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White” by David Barton was reviewed by Bonnie Brown.
Educates the reader on the roots of the Democrat and Republican parties. A very good read according to Bonnie Brown.

Members gather at October 2011 meeting.