September Meeting

10:22 pm in announcements by Henry G Hollenberg

Our September Meeting will be at the Knights of Columbus in West Monroe this Saturday on the 8th from 10AM until Noon. Johnathon Duhon will speak on Agenda 21. This is a timely meeting as this initiative is apparently in play in DC and New York right now. Our property rights and 2nd amendment are at stake!

Ron Paul introduced a bill HR-459 for the first full audit of the Federal Reserve in 100 years which passed 327-98 on July 25th. That is a veto-proof majority in the House. Harry Reid has said he will refuse to allow the companion bill S-202 to be taken up by the senate. Henry Hollenberg will present a 10 minute video explaining the Federal Reserve System with discussion to follow.

Our meeting was opened by our new President Lynn Clark:

The upcoming amendments to the Louisiana Constitution were reviewed by State Senator Walsworth:
Link for 2012 Constitutional Amendments


Johnathon Duhon gave a presentation on Agenda 21 complete with slides:

Why you should be concerned about the Federal Reserve:

Purchasing Power of the US Dollar 1900 2005

Why would anyone believe the destruction of the Dollar should change. Printing more green paper and passing more restrictive regulations certainly won’t strengthen the dollar but we keep doing these same things and expect a different result.

Here is a 10 minute video that explains how the Federal Reserve works:
The Federal Reserve in 10 minutes!