September Meeting

3:46 pm in announcements by Jamie.Cooksey D

NELTP held it’s September meeting at the Knights of Columbus, 206 Woodrow, West Monroe on 9/17/11.   We began at 10am.

Paul Hurd introduced several candidates who spoke for 2 minutes each and included:

1. Cam Douglas: Sheriff

2. Stewart Cathy: Police Jury District C

3. Charles Jackson: Police Jury District A (incumbent)
No Photo

4. Scotty Robinson: Police Jury District A

5. Mack Calhoun: Police Jury District B (incumbent)
No Photo

6. Lisa Sykes: Police Jury District B

7. Stephanie Smith: Assessor

8. Joanne Massey: Assessor

9. Paul Hargrove: Assessor

10. Wendy Giovingo: Clerk of Court

11. Leah Sumrall: Clerk of Court

12. Kim Ross: Clerk of Court

13. Louise Bond: Clerk of Court (Interim)

14. Darian Long: Clerk of Court (13)

Paul Hurd discussed the proposed Louisiana Constitutional Amendments on the upcoming ballots.
If you’d like to research these amendments he recommended searching for “Louisiana Public Affairs Research Council” on the internet.

October 22, 2011 ballot:
1) TOPS Program – More tobacco money to TOPS (4cent tax on tobacco)
2) Louisiana State Employee’s Retirement System – non recurring funds will go to unfunded liabilities.
3) Patient’s Compensation Fund – makes funds private that are set aside for medical malR
4) Rainy Day Trust Fund –
5) Special New Orleans Tax Sales Law

November 2011 ballot:
1) State Real Estate Sales Tax

Paul’s Picks:
Oct 22 –
1) yes
2) yes
3) yes
4) no
5) no

Nov –
1) yes (will “prohibit” this tax)


Henry Hollenberg made announcements for events at the Alexandria Tea Party:

Saturday September 24th 3:30pm, Jon Duhon President of the Lake Charles Tea Party will speak on U.N. Agenda 21

Saturday October 29th 9am-2pm, Freedom Works Tea Party leadership meeting.

Both events will be held at the West Side Library in Alexandria, 5416 Provine Place.

Alexandria Tea Party Contact is Jennifer Baldwin, Cenla Patriots


Some of the features of the NELTP web site were reviewed using the new overhead projection system and “live” internet feed.

Henry Hollenberg and Jamie Cooksey assisted several members with logging into and navigating the web site.