Tea Bags, Toilet Paper and T-Shirts

10:08 pm in News by Jeff M Cooksey

NELTP was represented at the Bawcomville Redneck Christmas Parade on December 3rd, 2011. Our president, Don Antley, pulled a trailer where members, Angela Blakely, Jeff Cooksey and Jamie Cooksey, along with a couple of children passed out candy, toilet paper, NELTP t-shirts and tea bags with NELTP flyers. There were lots of folks along the […]

NELTP July Rally

10:05 pm in News by Jeff M Cooksey

A patriotic crowd celebrated freedom on July 4th holiday weekend by attending the NELTP rally Friday night at the West Monroe Convention Center. The featured speaker, Dr. Kevin Gutzman, presented a historical perspective of events that impacted the creation of our United States Constitution. Watch his presentation below. Former Representative John Cooksey also addressed the […]

Louisiana Congressional Redistricting

10:06 pm in legislation, News by Jeff M Cooksey

“After two weeks of committee hearings, both the state House and Senate on Monday take up legislation that presents conflicting configurations of the districts from which Louisiana voters will elect six congressmen to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Property Tax Increase – Do You Approve ?

10:16 pm in legislation, News, Uncategorized by Jeff M Cooksey

The Ouachita Parish Police Jury is proposing a 3.1 mill property tax increase from 9.2 to 12.3 mills for funding of increased operational costs of the Ouachita Correctional Center. Apparently the operational costs of this facility are exceeding the present revenue generated. This proposition will be on the April 30th ballot. NELTP wishes to provide the Police Jury with […]

October Rally – More Rousing Speeches

9:41 pm in News, Uncategorized by Jeff M Cooksey

Although Larry Rhone, The Cajun Evangelist, was the energized featured speaker (view here) at the October 16th NELTP rally, he was preceded by three speakers passionately addressing the issues important to patriots everywhere. Patriots attending the rally had their appetites whetted by speakers Wendy Vitter, wife of U. S. Senator David Vitter, State Representative Kay […]

Patriots Gather for October 16th Rally

6:35 pm in News by Jeff M Cooksey

An energized crowd of patriots attended the NELTP October Rally on October 16th at the West Monroe Convention Center where Wendy Vitter, wife of Senator David Vitter, Kay Katz and Mike Walsworth inspired the crowd with their rousing speeches.  The Cajun Evangelist, Larry Rhone, was the featured speaker at the rally where he gave us his views on […]

The NELTP Web Site has Social Networking!

12:18 pm in News, Uncategorized by Henry G Hollenberg

This will allow NELTP members to send each other messages…

NELTP Went to DC for 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally

6:04 pm in News, Uncategorized by Jamie.Cooksey D

There were so many people, we were packed like sardines…no cell phones were working….

Video of C.L. Bryant

10:11 am in News, Uncategorized by Jamie.Cooksey D

Reverend C.L. Bryant was the featured speaker at the July NELTP Rally…

C-SPAN Covers Restoring Honor Rally

4:45 pm in News, Uncategorized by Jeff M Cooksey

Accolades to C-SPAN for their complete and unbiased coverage of Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally held at the Lincoln Memorial August 28, 2010 (watch entire rally here). This event focused on America’s great history and heritage and how to return to that greatness by living honorable lives as individual citizens.

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