Louisiana Joins Hall of Shame Third Year Running

12:02 pm in News by Henry G Hollenberg

Saturday December 22nd, 2013. Late last night on the last Friday before Christmas Senators Vitter and Landrieu voted once again to strip you of the Bill of Rights protections guaranteed under the US Constitution by both voting Yeah for the NDAA 2014 which contains the Indefinite Detention Provision. Attempting to bury their skullduggery in the last weekend news cycle before Christmas while their constituents are preoccupied with their Families and Faith gives some indication of the pride they take in their work. Apparently attacking the God Given Liberties enshrined in the Constitution crosses party lines. I have yet to hear word from the LAGOP condemning either Senator for this despicable act. I wait with baited breath. Senate Rushes Through NDAA Approval Late Last Night

I suppose we can’t expect anything less from a Senate which has exempted itself from ObamaCare and the insider trading laws on the rigged casino that carries the alias Wall Street. While business after business shutters it’s windows and closes it’s doors on Main Street our Congressman and Senators continue to line their pockets as they do the bidding of the international money changers.

So far three states have nullified the Indefinite Detention Provision of the NDAA: Virginia, California and Alaska. Louisiana unfortunately is not one of them.

May we all take a moment to bow our heads in shame. I suppose the history department at LSU in Baton Rouge, one of the finest in the nation; in what was once the richest State in the Union, will record this infamous act for our children and their children’s children to reflect upon. May God move them to look with mercy on our memories.

You can read the article on this topic from the John Birch society here.