April Meeting

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The next regular meeting of the North East Louisiana Tea Party will be held on April 14, 2012 at 10am Knights of Columbus, 206 Woodrow Street in West Monroe. This will be a BIG meeting with grassroots training by FreedomWorks. Lunch will be served free of charge. RSVP to Nell Bradley at 387-1928, preferably by April 1st. Potluck Tea and desert. Call Nell to coordinate.


If you aren’t here now you missed it!

We had a large turnout at the FreedomWorks Workshop today. We would like to thank the FreedomWorks coordinators: Alan Page and Bill Lack for hosting this event. FreedomWorks is dedicated to restoring the United States as a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!

FreedomWorks relatively new FreedomConnector internet site was presented. It is a politically oriented web site which is very useful to help coordinate the activities of individuals with common interests or issues.
You can find this site at FreedomConnector

You can link back and forth between your Facebook page and your FreedomConnector accounts. You can create EVENTS and GROUPS on this site. You can even embed the FreedomConnector site on your own web site.

An iPhone/Android FreedomConnector App is in the works and should be available in a few weeks.

After presentation of the FreedomConnector site was covered. A presentation was made about how to get out in your community and perform various activities such as:

Voter registration drives
Neighborhood walks
Precinct committee meetings
Police Jury Meetings
Neighborhood Coffees
Sign Waves
Phone Banks
Meet the Candidate events
Town Hall Meetings

Canvassing parking lots, yard signs, buddy system etc where covered.
Coordinating with school principles before planning a school event was discussed.

Discussed analyzing precincts for battleground sites, places where new supporters might be won over.

Recommended clustering yard signs at major thoroughfares, and placing flyers with businesses you frequent. Make a point of telling the business owner that you support their business because they support constitutionally conservative causes.

Discussed the election laws about signs within 600 feet of polling places and T-shirts. One member did stand their ground at the polling place today and voted with their neutral T-party Tee-Shirt on! Interestingly you can have a political sign within 600 feet of a polling place if it is on your private property.

Letters to the editor were discussed. Weekly newspapers are better than Dailies. Local newspapers are better than regional or National. Handwritten letters are very effective.