GATORPAC having Leadership training sessions in Shreveport & Baton Rouge

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Dear Friend —

GatorPAC is planning two critical grassroots leadership trainings in the coming weeks, and I wanted to make sure you were one of the first to know.

In fact, I’ve saved you a seat to ensure you’re able to attend.

The first training event is on Saturday, May 30, in Shreveport, and the second event is on Saturday, June 6, in Baton Rouge.

As leaders in our movement, it’s up to us to learn the techniques and strategies to defeat the big government politicians in Baton Rouge and in Washington.

Will you join me at one of these two trainings? It’s simple to register.

If you’d like to attend the training in Shreveport on Saturday, May 30, CLICK HERE.

If you’d like to attend the training in Baton Rough on Saturday, June 6, CLICK HERE.

As I’ve said before, I’m dedicated to making sure hundreds of grassroots conservative leaders are equipped with the tools and techniques to advance our conservative philosophy.

We can no longer afford to sit idly by while big spending, big government politicians in both parties mortgage our children’s future and compromise our economic prosperity.

Friend, no other state-wide organization here in Louisiana is organizing conservative leaders like you in this manner.

It’s absolutely critical that we’re prepared to take on the well-funded, well-equipped politicians in the coming election.

That’s why I’ve invested so much time and effort in identifying conservative leaders like you. And that’s why it’s important that you take the next step and join me at one of these two trainings.

I’ve saved you a seat. And now all I ask is that you join me at either the Shreveport or Baton Rouge trainings in the next few weeks.

By taking time out of your busy Saturday, you’re investing in the success of our conservative principles. Your investment of just a few hours will help conservatives reap dividends in 2015 and beyond.

So, what are you waiting for?

Please join me in Shreveport on Saturday, May 30, CLICK HERE.

Please join me in Baton Rouge on Saturday, June 6, CLICK HERE.

I look forward to seeing you at either of these two events. And thank you for being such a dedicated grassroots conservative.


For Liberty,

Col. Rob Maness (ret.)

P.S.     GatorPAC has launched an aggressive effort to train at least 200 grassroots conservative leaders across Louisiana in the lead-up to the 2015 elections. I’ve personally saved you a seat at one of our next two trainings – in either Shreveport or Baton Rouge – and I hope you can attend.

If you can’t make it (and I completely understand if your schedule doesn’t allow), then I hope you’ll chip in $10, $25, or even $50 to GatorPAC to allow us to identify, recruit, train, and mobilize other grassroots conservative leaders like you.

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