NELTP Went to DC for 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally

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We had two buses to leave Mayo’s at 4:30 am Friday morning, August 27th. We made a stop in Brandon, Mississippi to pick up 16 Mississippi Tea Party members. Our next stop was Meridian, MS to eat breakfast and pick up more people from MS and AL.

We left Meridian, on our way to Knoxville, TN to gas up the buses, change drivers and eat lunch. We arrived at our motel around 2:00 am Saturday. We were all tired and welcomed the beds.

Wake up call at 5:30 am and down for breakfast. We loaded up at 8:00 am to head to the rally. Our bus drivers were able to get us close to the Lincoln Memorial. We all started together, but soon were separated in the huge crowd.

There were so many people, we were packed like sardines. Some of us got too hot and had to go to the outskirts to cool off. No cell phones were working which prevented us from calling each other, but we survived.

I can’t say enough about the program. It was a very spiritual experience and I would not have missed it for anything. I feel all were as impressed as I was with the crowd and the messages we received. All in all, it was a wonderful trip and a great experience.

I want to thank all who went so we could take two buses. Thanks to Mayo Tours for arranging this for us at very reasonable prices.

Nell Bradley,
President NELTP